Provost's Dual Career Hiring Initiative

Oregon State University recognizes the importance of supporting dual career couples in recruiting and retaining the best faculty. Therefore, in 2011-2012 we began a Dual Career Hiring Initiative (DCHI) associated with new academic faculty hires.

NOTE: All funds have been allocated for FY24. Dual career funds are limited and vary from year to year depending on existing commitments and planning. Centrally, the University must prioritize tenure-track/tenured hires and partnerships across colleges. All partner hires must meet the needs of the unit and college. The funding model described below is under review and contingent on competing needs. When units and colleges have a financial need related to dual career hires, they can consult with Rick Settersten, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. For waivers of search, please start the process with the office of Equal Opportunity and Access, although it is helpful for the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs to be informed in advance of the request. Waiver requests will eventually be routed to the Vice Provost. Information on additional resources for Dual Career Couples is available at OSU Work Life.


This DCHI is funded by dollars allocated for tenure-track hires. When a tenure-line faculty member recruited for a position has partner who is eligible for a tenure-line position at Oregon State University, the Provost will consider a proposal to approve a waiver of search and jointly fund the academic partner.

The funding model for the dual career hire stipulates that the:

  1. University covers one-third of the salary plus OPE for the partner hire for three years.
  2. The primary unit (with the original search) covers one-third of the salary plus OPE for the partner hire for three years.
  3. Unit hiring the partner covers one-third of salary plus OPE for the partner hire for three years.

After three years, the hiring units will assume all responsibility for salary/OPE and related costs.


When an academic unit administrator has a priority candidate applying for a tenure track position who has a partner who will be pursing academic employment, the administrator should ask for the partner’s CV and determine other units for that employment. The unit administrator is responsible for contacting other units and discussing the potential for a dual career hire. Conversations should include faculty of both units and must include the deans of each college.

If, after full consideration and agreement, there is interest in pursuing a dual career hire, the following should be submitted to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs:

  1. CV for the primary and partner hire
  2. A statement indicating the support of both units’ faculty, supervisor, and dean2
  3. The rationale for the dual career hire; aligning their work with the unit, college, and the university strategic plan. In particular, what role will the faculty members play in:

a)      Undergraduate education
b)      Graduate education
c)       Research
d)      Outreach and engagement
e)      Promoting and enhancing diversity

4.  Statement of how the start-up costs for the two hires will be covered
5.  Statement of how the funding for the positions will be covered beyond the end of this hiring initiative funding.
6.  A signed and completed copy of the funding contract.

The primary criterion for granting a waiver of search and funding the partner hire is whether the proposed hires advance academic excellence in the units, colleges, and university.

Proposals for dual-career hiring should be sent to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. For tenure-track hires, a decision to fund the position will be made as quickly as possible.


  1. While this initiative is intended for partners who are also seeking tenure-track appointments, requests for appointments to professional faculty positions will also be considered when a compelling case is made. The funding model for such hires will follow the same path as for academic faculty hires.
  2. The DCHI is targeted toward entry-level tenure track faculty, and the decision to fund the proposal will be made exclusively by the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. If either the primary or partner hire will be offered tenure, an out-of-cycle tenure review will be required prior to final tenure consideration by the Provost.

The initial budget for the DCHI is $300,000.

Questions about the Provost’s Dual Career Hiring Initiative should be sent to Rick Settersten, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.