Academic leaders who would like to organize and lead a small group of peers to focus on a particular topic of interest will be eligible for operational support from the Office of Faculty Affairs.


Proposal Process
Written proposals by academic faculty leaders who would like to organize a community of practice may be submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs. The proposal must include the following:

  • An overview of the topic of interest and purpose of the community of practice;
  • Timeline and description of meetings and/or events that will take place;
  • Proposed participants;
  • Planned work and/or university engagement by the community of practice; and
  • Requested budget

Proposals will be reviewed and approved by the Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs at the beginning of each academic year.

Approved communities of practice will be required to submit an annual summary report to the Senior Vice Provost.

Questions related to the Community of Practice program can be directed to Michelle Klotz.

Example community of practice
Strategic Diversity Leadership (Lead by Harriet Nembhard)