Piloted in 2018, the Provost Fellows Program is designed to complement our leadership training by providing focused leadership and administrative experience for tenured faculty members. Details about the program for the upcoming year are forthcoming.


The Provost Fellows program complements the University’s commitment to develop and mentor effective leadership by providing intense and focused experiences in leadership and administrative roles at the senior levels of the institution. Fellows are nominated by their dean and will assume leadership responsibility for a focused project that supports a strategic need of the university. In collaboration with the Office of the Provost and their assigned mentor, Fellows will develop specific project plans and outcomes to meet the strategic area and further their leadership skills.

The program aims to develop leaders capable of creating a culture supportive of all faculty members and university community and to provide tenured faculty an opportunity to explore the possibility of senior leadership roles and learn about leadership at the university level.

Provost Fellows will have access to a variety of learning experiences, including:

  • Working with Office of the Provost administration and other fellows on in-depth projects;
  • Working with a primary mentor in University administration; and
  • Learning more about campus-wide academic initiatives, strategic planning, budget issues, and challenges in higher education.

Each Fellow will establish a well-defined project in an area of strategic importance to the University. Examples of areas of focus include: connecting faculty excellence and student success; attracting and retaining a more diverse faculty, staff and student community; integration of research and creative activity in undergraduate experience; accreditation and strategic planning; the OSU professoriate, including incentives, evaluation procedures and policies, and valuing teaching and entrepreneurship; enrollment strategies and support; transdisciplinary graduate education; strategic development of academic programs, curriculum innovations and degree pathways; and global education opportunities and impact.

2021 Provost Fellow

Matthew Johnston

Dr. Matthew Johnston is an associate professor in the College of Engineering, where he develops new sensor systems and teaches both undergraduate and graduate electronics courses. Prior to joining Oregon State in 2014, he co-founded and worked at multiple start-up companies, mostly focused on instrumentation for the life sciences. Matt's research group at Oregon State University uses silicon integrated circuits, microfabrication, and other approaches to build new technologies for low-power chemical, biological, and physical sensing systems - and with collaborators from across the university demonstrates these both in the lab and in the field.