Academic Faculty Development Resources

The Office of Faculty Affairs provides career development support for academic faculty across all positions and career stages. We hope that you find the information on this website helpful and afford you success in your career and professional pursuits.

Academic Faculty Development Resources

Candid Advice for New Faculty Members: A Guide to Getting Tenure and Advancing Your Academic Career

by Gasman. M. (2021).

*Recommended for all academic faculty in the first 1-3 years.

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NCFDD Core Curriculum Series

Designed to teach faculty 10 key skills necessary to thrive in the academy including mastering academic time management and cultivating your network of mentors and sponsors.

*Recommended for all academic faculty in the first 1-3 years. 

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NCFDD Webinar Series: The Hidden Handbook

Mini-series that provides quick tips including creating micro-goals and how to revise and resubmit in no time.

*Recommended for tenure-track faculty in their first 1-3 years. 

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NCFDD Webinar Series: Building a Publishing Pipeline: Concrete strategies for Increasing your Writing Productivity

Multi-week course that shows how to analyze your writing projects as a pipeline

*Recommended for tenure-track faculty in their first 1-3 years. 

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NCFDD Webinar Series: Preparing Tenure and Promotion Materials

Multi-week course will give you an overview of the best advice and approaches for putting together your dossier.

*Recommended for academic faculty going up for promotion in the next year.

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Mid-Career Faculty: Trends, Barriers, Possibilities

edited by Welch, A., Bolin, V. and Reardon, D. (2019)

*Recommended for academic faculty post-promotion. 

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Charting your Path to Full: A Guide for Women Associate Professors

by Baker, V. (2020)

*Recommended for female identifying academic faculty post-promotion. 

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NCFDD Discussion Panel: What I Wished I Would have Known after Earning Tenure

*Recommended for academic faculty post-promotion. 

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NCFDD Webinar: Making the Case: Preparing your Dossier for Promotion to Full Professor

Multi-week course that includes what to include and count in promotion dossiers including crafting your teaching narrative.

*Recommended for academic faculty going up for their second promotion in the next year.

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Through Oregon State University's institutional membership, all graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and faculty have access to NCFDD, which provides professional development, training, and mentoring.

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Communities of Practices are groups of faculty with a common interest in a particular academic or higher education leadership issue who seek to share ideas, leverage connections and conversations, and create innovative solutions.

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Academic Faculty Development Partners

OFA is pleased to be just one in a network of dedicated campus partners that provide meaningful resources and programming for academic faculty support.



Division of Research and

DRI provides research and grant support and programs for research active faculty.



Center for Teaching and

CTL provides teaching support and programs for instructional faculty.



Faculty Development

Ecampus provides course development and instructional support for faculty who teach Ecampus courses.



The Graduate School
Faculty Resources

The Graduate School provides mentor training for faculty who mentor graduate students, honors college students and post-doctoral scholars.



University Human Resources
Learning and Development

UHR's Learning and Development provides a variety of professional development programs for all OSU employees in the area of soft skills, leadership and manager/supervisor development.


Office of Institutional

OID provides learning and development opportunities related to diversity, equity and inclusion for all OSU employees.