Faculty Excellence

Oregon State University is proud of all our creative, innovative, and talented faculty. Below is a list of the awards and achievements earned by the OSU community that are used in assessing the Top American Research Universities (TARU)

Oregon State University is proud of all our creative, innovative and talented faculty including distinguished memberships and honors within their respective disciplines.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

National Academy of Kinesiology

Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

OSU's faculty are committed to engaging in exceptional research, discovery, innovation, and engagement that translates into a high-quality educational experience for our students. We reciprocate our commitment to excellent faculty through granting tenure and promotion in rank for those faculty who successfully complete a rigorous and thorough review process.

We are proud to share with you a list of 25 faculty who most recently received tenure.

We are proud of the more than 135 endowed faculty and chair positions at OSU.

These endowed faculty are selected for their preeminence in their field of study and permanently enhance the university's research and academic enterprise. We are appreciative of the donors who contribute generously to these endowed faculty positions.