Academic Leadership Academy

The Academic Leadership Academy (ALA) is a comprehensive leadership development and training program and serves as a hub for academic unit leaders to access learning and mentoring opportunities offered at OSU. The ALA expands upon the leadership workshops and trainings that have been provided through the Provost’s Office since 2010. The ALA further encompasses mentoring programs and communities of practices for academic leaders who are interested in pursuing focused small group developmental opportunities.

Overview of the Academic Leadership Academy (ALA)



A well-organized leadership training and development program focused on training new academic leaders, providing continuing education for current academic leaders, and developing the pipeline of academic leaders.


Academic unit leaders are department chairs and heads, school directors, deans, vice president for research, vice provosts, and selected others with authority over faculty and students.


  • A well-designed and coherent mix of training that is realistic as to time commitments of leaders and training needs.
  • Aggregates training from various internal and external collaborating units.
  • Uses credible trainers, often in co-delivery format with subject matter experts and trainers with experience in academic unit leadership (former department heads, chairs, deans, vice provosts, etc.).




The Office of the Senior Vice Provost is responsible for coordination among collaborating units.


Collaborating Units

  • Internal to OSU: Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA), Office of Human Resources (OHR), Office of Institutional Diversity (OID), Research Office (RO), Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA), Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), Ecampus, Libraries and Press, Academic Colleges.
  • External to OSU: National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD), NSF ADVANCE Network, National Academies Action Collaborative, external speakers.
Academic Leadership Summit
  • The Academic Leadership Summit provides an opportunity each year to welcome and introduce new academic leaders to the university and to their peers; share and discuss resources for success as a leader at OSU; and to facilitate mentoring and collaboration among university leaders.
  • The Academic Leadership Workshop series is available for all leaders (aspiring, new and current) covering topics relevant to leadership at OSU.
  • Leading Change for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a four-module program designed to prepare academic unit leaders to effectively lead organizational change toward achievement of diversity, equity and inclusion goals. An action-based complement to ADVANCE training, it is offered in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Diversity.
  • Core Curriculum for Managers and Supervisors is an on-line training that is offered for new managers and supervisors each quarter through University Human Resources (UHR). In this training, learners understand the responsibilities leaders have in their role as a supervisor, and to be able to empower employees in every stage of employment.
  • Crucial Conversations is offered quarterly or upon request through UHR. Learners gain skills for creating alignment and agreement by fostering open dialogue around topics involving opposing opinions, high stakes, and strong emotions - at all levels of the organization.
  • Other Manager and Supervisor Learning Opportunities provided by UHR.
Mentoring for Leadership
  • The Provost Fellows Program is designed to complement our leadership training by providing focused leadership and administrative experience for tenured faculty members who aspire to leadership positions.
  • Communities of Practice are available to academic leaders who would like to organize and lead a small group of peers to focus on particular topics of interest and importance to the university. Communities of Practice are available to academic leaders who would like to organize and lead a small group of peers to focus on particular topics of interest and importance to the university.
  • Executive onboarding for new senior leaders.