The procedural guidelines below outline the TWO processes for hiring an academic faculty member with tenure.  The first process below is for individuals who DO NOT have tenure at their current institution.  The second process below is for individuals who DO hold tenure at their current institution. Please make sure you use the appropriate process for your particular situation.  Please contact the Office of Academic Affairs if you have questions regarding this process (541-737-0732 or email

Process for Hiring Academic Faculty with Indefinite Tenure who DO NOT currently have Indefinite Tenure at their Current Institution

When a department recruits a senior faculty member it is typical to expect two years of service at OSU before engaging in a tenure review. However, if tenure is expected as a condition for coming to OSU, a department may request an “out-of-cycle tenure review.”  Out-of-Cycle tenure reviews should follow a similar process as the regular OSU tenure process, with a few modifications.

  1. A dossier should be assembled that includes a record of all relevant work. The dossier does not need to follow OSU’s dossier format, but should contain the following:
    • The faculty member’s Curriculum Vitae that demonstrates a record of scholarship
    • Documentation that shows evidence of effective teaching/mentoring of students
    • Documentation that shows a record of university/professional service
  2. Independent outside letters of evaluation must be solicited. Letters submitted as part of the application process may be included as part of the letters selected by the candidate.  All faculty have the option of signing a “Waiver of Access” form for outside letters of evaluation. The signed original should be included in the dossier. A copy of the current waiver form is available. Execution of the waiver is voluntary. If the candidate chooses not to sign the waiver of access, include a statement to that effect in the dossier.
  3. An OSU student letter of evaluation is not required.
  4. Levels of OSU administrative review should follow the usual path for the candidate’s department (these letters typically consist of reviews done by the following:  Department/Discipline P&T Committee; Department Head, College P&T Committee; Dean).
  5. The dossier and review materials should be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs for the university level review and recommendation to the Provost.
  6. The Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs will communicate the outcome to the hiring authority once the Provost has made the final decision.
  7. If approved, an indefinite tenure letter will be issued to the faculty member by the Office of Academic Affairs.

Letters of offer to the candidate may wait until the out-of-cycle tenure review is completed, or may be issued to the candidate with conditional language.  The Business Center Human Resource managers have sample letters to this effect.

Process for Hiring Academic Faculty with Indefinite Tenure who Hold Indefinite Tenure at their Current Institution

When a College or Department is recruiting a senior faculty member with tenure, the following process should be used*:

  1. As part of the recruitment process, units should ask for evidence related to the awarding of tenure at OSU. This includes evidence of effective teaching/mentoring and appropriate service, scholarly achievements, and evidence of a commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity. Units should also solicit explicit input from external evaluators (references provided by the applicant) regarding evidence for distinction in these areas. If the position is administrative, then the external letters should address BOTH the administrative aspects of the candidate’s position and faculty duties should the individual return to the faculty at some point.
  2. The unit P&T committee consisting of all tenured faculty members in the unit who are available, should participate in the on-campus interviews for all applicants. For the preferred applicant, the unit P&T committee will consider the information gained from the on-campus interview, review the application materials, including a CV, and vote on the awarding of indefinite tenure**.
  3. The unit head will provide the outcome of the unit P&T committee vote, and her/his own assessment, to the dean for review.
  4. If the dean agrees with a positive review from the unit and head (or has resolved any split/negative vote), the request for a hire with tenure can be made to the Provost. If the Provost agrees, then the offer is made.
  5. When the offer is accepted, the signed letter of offer must be sent to Academic Affairs.

Any individual hired as an administrator into a tenured faculty line, who then decides to return to the faculty ranks in their home unit will be expected to contribute to the teaching, scholarship, service and diversity mission of the unit. If shortcomings are identified after one PROF review, then a post-tenure review process will be initiated.

*This applies only to candidates who hold tenure at their current institution. If the candidate has never been reviewed for tenure, but the unit believes it is appropriate, a full out-of-cycle review should be conducted (see procedure above).

**In the case that the unit vote is split or negative a detailed letter should accompany the vote and the unit head must include a consideration of this in the recommendation to the dean for final review and approval.