Retirement and Severance

Retirement Plans and Related Information

Information regarding retirement plans and resources can be found on the Human Resources web site.


Relinquishment of Tenure

Two programs for tenure relinquishment have been established effective June 12, 2009:

  1. Full Tenure Relinquishment Program: After relinquishing tenure, faculty members may still continue to work for up to 1039 hours per academic year, for up to three years.
  2. Partial Tenure Relinquishment Program: This program allows tenured faculty members on 1.0 FTE appointments to reduce their appointments to .75 FTE in exchange for an annual salary rate increase.

Policies, procedures, applications, and FAQ’s for full and partial tenure relinquishment programs have been posted to the Office of Human Resources web site. You may access the documents at


Termination for Cause

Definition and Required Notice Before Termination. The appointment of a tenured or non–tenured faculty member may be terminated or other sanctions imposed "for cause." "For cause" is defined in detail in OAR 580–21–0325 and includes conviction of a felony or of a crime involving moral turpitude, failure to perform assigned duties, evidence of incompetence, default of academic integrity, failure to perform adequately for medical reasons, or other proscribed conduct specified in OAR 580–22–0045.

Procedures to be followed involving termination for cause are available from the Faculty Senate Office and Legal Adviser, President’s Office. Faculty charged with such "for cause" conduct have the right to a formal hearing on the charges before a special ad hoc hearing committee. The hearing committee is selected from panels appointed by the Faculty Senate.


Termination Not for Cause: Financial Exigency or Program Reduction

The Board Administrative Rules (580–21–315) provide procedures for termination of tenured and nontenured faculty members "not for cause" due to a) financial exigency, or b) program or department reductions or elimination. No specific notice period is required for the termination of a faculty member due to financial exigency. Tenured faculty members terminated due to program reduction or elimination, are given 12 month notice. Faculty on annual tenure receive notice as provided in Board Administrative Rule 580–021–0305. Faculty on fixed term contract serve in accordance with the provisions of their contract.

The document "Institutional Procedures and Criteria for Program Redirection, Reorganization, Reduction and Termination" provide guidelines for program reduction and financial exigency

Copies are available from the Faculty Senate Office.