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Headed by the Vice President for Research, the several units of the Research Office serve faculty involved in research, innovation, scholarship and creativity in all OSU colleges and departments, and many centers, institutes, and programs. Support is provided to secure funding, comply with regulations, partner with industry, establish collaborations across the university, and raise the profile of OSU.

The Research Office website, provides a breadth of detailed information as well as forms. Contact the Research Office for further information and materials.

Sponsored Programs provides resources for identifying and developing sources of external funding; assistance in interpreting sponsor guidelines and OSU policies; policy and guidance materials for the preparation of proposals; and review and endorsement of grant and contract proposals submitted to external sponsors.

Internal Incentive Funds include support for general research, equipment, and faculty release time.

Regulatory Compliance provides information describing regulatory and compliance requirements imposed by Federal and state laws; application and guidance information for activities submitted for approval by OSU oversight committees; and instructional resources in the responsible conduct of research.

Technology Transfer provides services to faculty inventors for patenting and licensing. It also makes information available to industry about technologies available and how to partner with OSU.

Trademark Licensing is an in-house program to protect Oregon State University's name and identifying marks.

The Undergraduate Research, Innovation, Scholarship, and Creativity Program focuses on internal and external funding and opportunities for students.

The Vice President has administrative oversight of Research Centers, Institutes and Programs.

The Research Office also provides information about research focus and activities of OSU colleges and departments.